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About the BMWHC

Who we are

The Black Muslim Women Healing Collective is dedicated to supporting and uplifting Black Muslim Women.

We create online and in-person spaces to support Black Muslim Women, understanding their trauma, developing their skills and accessing resources to heal themselves and their communities.

This work is led with heart-centred therapeutic practices and teachings rooted in a rich Islamic spiritual heritage. 

This is done in a compassionate, non-judgemental and non-directive environment that meets the specific needs and experiences of the Black Muslim female identity.

What we do

We hold monthly workshops, healing circles, talks and practical events

Our workshops are spaces which are centred on creating pathways to healing for Black Muslim Women. 

Our healing circles are non-judgemental spaces where we can explore any emotion arising from our trauma and or healing process. Because this trauma can be derived from so many different sources, from those from the non-black Muslim community, non-Muslim community, non-black community, and the male community, to name a few.

Who are our spaces for?

The BMWHC is led by Black Muslim Women FOR Black Muslim Women

If you are not a Black Muslim Women, please respect this space and be an ally to our cause by allowing our space to remain intimate and personal to the Black Muslim Woman.

If you know a Black Muslim Woman who could benefit from this space, please do direct them to our webpage and social media for more information. 


Meet The Sisterhood 


Rabiah Mali

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Rabiah Mali is a herbalist, a member of the acoustic nasheed duo Pearls of Islam and community activist. She has served the Muslim community for over a decade through her group Pearls of Islam and The Rabbani Project. She creates spaces that are dedicated to the healing of women through the advancement of Muslim female scholarship,  Female creativity, Dhikr,  Prophetic wellbeing practices and the relationship of Nature and Spirituality.

Adelah Bilal Headshot

Adelah Bilal

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Adelah Bilal is a yoga teacher who has been leading the healing sessions through breathwork and compassionate listening. She is passionate about creating spaces that uplift, unite and empower Black women. She has a Masters degree in Islamic law and is excited to be in a space which is rooted in Islamic tradition and cultivates growth, knowledge and Black cultural appreciation. 


Suad Ahmed

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Suad is an integrative Psychotherapist and member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. She works with women in her private practise Journey Within; as well as freelancing as a therapist for community organisations to support Women and girls.

Suad's journey into supporting women to heal, grow and come into connection with themselves, came through her own profound experience of being held by women to find her inner voice. As a Psychotherapist and workshop facilitator she provides warm, open and nurturing spaces for women to reflect, connect and grow into their wholeness.

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